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“Simply put, Kristian Harting writes some of the most gorgeous music I’ve ever heard.” – Chip McCabe

I’m a traveling troubadour from Copenhagen, Denmark. People call my music neofolk and haunted psychedelic pop. I aim to write beautiful songs and music using what is at hand of gritty, noisy, pretty, dirty, smooth, wonderful sounds. Mainly my guitar, voice, moog bass synth, effects-pushing and diverse electronic and acoustic trips. I’m in a a folky trip hop blues metal universe!

To me music is a spiritual journey as well as a physical one. It is my way of communicating freely and truthfully and articulate the ever-changing waves of confusion, emotions, ideas, people, power and surroundings, that is my life.

I released my international solo-debut “Float” in 2014 on the eclectic German label Exile on Mainstream, and in 2015 came the the follow-up “Summer of Crush”. Both albums with great critical acclaim in German, English and US press. New album “The Fumes” is out January 24 2020 also on Exile on Mainstream.

Since 2013 I have played more than 200 shows, toured with am.o. Future Islands (US), Conny Ochs (DE) and Friedemann (DE), opened for Matt Corby (AUS), Lee Ranaldo (US), Hexvessel (FIN), Matthew E. White (US) and played festivals like Roadburn (NL), Fusion (DE), Le Guess Who (B) and Mayfield Derby (DE).

What they said about “Float”:
“Unobtrusive in its tenderness and in its injection of atypical elements (circuit-bending, drone) to quietly brilliant songwriting, Float is a work that rivals any biography in its reflection of a man.” – ROCK A ROLLA

“…an accomplished work of soul-bearing solemnity.” – THE SKINNY

“‘Float is often beautiful but always bleak, both haunting and haunted, with effects and atmospheres swirling around the skeletons of the simple but powerful songs.” – TERRORIZER

“Harting tries his best to float above the musical arrangements, refusing to let himself be battered by the waves, but sometimes he’s pulled under by the currents swirling around him. He goes with it though, and dances with the tides of the songs. That he does so in the elegant manner he does is testament to his dexterity as a songwriter.” – MUSIC OMH

“This is one delicate, yet powerful album that needs to be heard. It’s a beautiful adventure filled with strong emotion and feeling reflecting on a painful time, which just shows through bad times, you are still able to create something beautiful.” – INDEPENDENT VOICE

“Harting took his personal travails and honed them into one of the most stunningly alluring albums of the year.  It’s as inspirational in its message as it is elegant in its delivery.”  – LONESOME NOISE

And “Summer of Crush”:
“A masterly album” – 
William Pinfold Top 5 albums of the year

“you get the feeling you can’t really hold these songs firmly, and yet their slippery, elusive nature is what keeps you coming back for more and more listens.” – 
José Carlos Santos

“It’s gorgeous in its own way; just unlike anything I’ve ever heard before.” – 

“Summer of Crush is too busy actually being vibrant to revel in its vibrancy”
 – theobelisk.net

“Kristian Harting is currently one of my favorite singer-songwriters in all the world, and his newest full-length album, Summer Of Crush, only adds to my love of his music.” – 

“moments of true beauty”
 – ghostcultmag.com

“Harting allows each track to breathe, to pivot naturally” –