“Float” is getting reviews. Some great ones too. Thank you all good writers out there. Enjoy!

“this is an off-kilter, claustrophobic workout, like roaring into a bottomless mine in a cart with no brakes” xxxx0

“an accomplished work of soul-bearing solemnity.” xxxoo

“‘Float is often beautiful but always bleak, both haunting and haunted, with effects and atmospheres swirling around the skeletons of the simple but powerful songs.”
TERRORIZER – 8.5/10 review (February issue)

“ein ganz wunderbares, spannendes, gewitztes und originelles Album, das sich von Mal zu Mal mehr entfaltet. Großartig!”

“ein kleines Juwel der Innerlichkeit”,23677,23575.html

“Am Ende ist es schön, dass man dieser Genregrenzen aufbrechenden und atmosphärisch dichten Klangreise beiwohnen durfte!” 18/20

“et rigt og frodigt musikalsk univers når man først får dykket ned i lagene, og lader sig suge ned, ud, ind – væk.” xxxxoo
4,5 / 5